Wednesday, August 28, 2013

THREE months old!

this post is a tad late since we've been little travelers and have been in california and texas the past two weeks. londeloo did SO great on all the plane rides! i'm a lucky mama.

london is THREE MONTHS OLD now! how. how in the world is that already possible?!

she is hands down the funnest little human ever! [in our totally unbiased opinion ;)] she constantly has both me and charlie laughing.

at three months, london is:
-babbling up a storm! this past week especially. it's adorable. i love our little "conversations" we have. :)
-blows spit bubbles like it's going out of style.
-clicks her tongue. [only sometimes when she "remembers" how to do it. when she does, she is SO proud of herself!]
-copies whatever facial expressions we make at her
-starting to get afraid of certain noises
-is getting a little better with her carseat
-in the ten pound range. so tiny :)
-is starting to grab things and put it in her mouth, luckily it isn't so advanced yet that she grabs whatever is in our hands. i'm sure that day isn't too far away, though!
-her tummy time skills are great! her pediatrician says she'll be crawling at 5 months. noooooo!!
-loves the bumbo
-her hair is starting to grow in more :)
-she'll smile at anyone who gives her attention. this causes our errands to be longer than anticipated haha
-she can make a taco tongue! it was totally accidental and so cute!

we love our little london babe!


  1. Oh my goodness those faces are darling!! She is so precious!!

  2. Replies
    1. is that even a question? pack your bags! you're hired!

  3. Oh adorable!! Love your blog!

  4. wow. is it just me or does it seem like you're baby is learning stuff faster than the average baby. she's a talented little chica!


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