Thursday, July 4, 2013

father's day.

this past father's day was charlie's first!
he was only a daddy for less than a month when father's day rolled around, but he already blew me away at what a wonderful father he is to our little one.
london is so unbelievably lucky to have a dad like charlie.
one that will always love her.
one that will always support her.
one that will always believe in her.
one that will always protect her.
one that will always give her his all.
one that will always be proud of her.
every single day of her life.

when charlie and i were dating, one of the reasons i fell for him was because i knew what a great dad he would be to our future children someday. and boy, was i right!

[let me tell ya- getting a tiny handprint on a baseball is hard work! it came out all smudgy, but still adorable. :)]

[our newborn is so talented. writing already. ;)]
[charlie knew exactly what he wanted for his father's day breakfast: french toast with bananas, sausage and fried eggs with high pulp orange juice. ]

charlie, i hope you had the best first father's day ever!
thank you for being london's daddy.

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