Tuesday, November 27, 2012

fast forward: baby o vol 2 [15 weeks]

man! moving sure does put a damper on this pregnant lady, doesn't it!
but we are loving our new home. better layout makes me happy. :)

anyways! i'm fifteen weeks already! my mom was quick to point out that i'm only a little over a month away from being half way done. whoa. our baby is already growing up too fast!

How far along? 15 weeks, 2 days [as of 11-27-12]

How big is baby? 4 INCHES! already! my growing little sprout. :) 

Maternity clothes? my answer for this question from here on out [until hopefully only a couple weeks after labor] will be ABSOLUTELY. 

Stretch marks? still hoping and wishing and praying that stretch marks will not make an appearance. 

Sleep? oh, i love sleep. thankfully i usually only wake up once a night to go pee. 

Best moment last week? charlie felt baby o move! yay!

Movement? yes!! ever since i was a little over 10 weeks, i could definitely feel this baby move. i was apprehensive at first thinking "nooo it's way to early for a first time mama to feel the baby already!" but apparently it's not that uncommon, i just consider myself lucky. :) i absolutely adore feeling this little one kick me. it's like it's saying "hi mama!" :) i did feel bad for the longest time that charlie couldn't feel it. i almost felt selfish, but last night i told him to "just try and see if you feel anything" and all of a sudden a huge smile appears and he said "yeah!! i think i feel it! ...crazy". such a happy moment for me. 

Food cravings? soda. i try to limit myself to one a week. i don't know what it is but i just love it right now! oh, and those ultra sour belts from the sweet factory! mmm, yum. and juice. any kind of juice. 

Food aversions? still not a fan of caramel.

Gender? i've had 5 dreams now and in 4 of them it was a girl :) my intuition still strongly screams "girl!" but i'll be beaming with joy no matter what the gender is. we find out december 28th [the day before our 2 year wedding anniversary!] CAN'T. WAIT.

Labor signs? way too early for that!

Belly button in/out? In

What I miss: not much- i LOVE being pregnant! my doctor looked at me funny when i told him that. he must not get that answer every time he asks his patients how they're feeling. :)

What I am looking forward to: finding out the gender. i want to go shopping, already!

Milestones: baby belly. baby o is DEFINITELY making an appearance now! and feeling those love kicks. :)

let's all hope i don't wait another 6 weeks to update you all!

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