Saturday, May 5, 2012


husband and i are sayin' "see ya!" to ALL of our electronics for the next week.
and saying "helloooooo" to sun, water, sand & a little lovin'.
that's right, people! we're finally going on our honeymoon!
only a year and five months after we've been married. [better late than never!]

so, good luck trying to get a hold of us for the next 7 days. :)


  1. a few things:
    a. hope you guys are having the best time on your belated honeymoon!
    b. your hair is always so gorgeous
    c. i listened to a book you may like. it's called "the greatest generation" from Tom Brokaw. it's all about WW2 people/families. SO GOOD. you may cry more than I (sorry) but, really, it's so good, pick it up at the library when you have time!

  2. Hope you guys are having a blast! You made it before me and Edwin! :) maybe if I manage to not get pregnant again before Gabriel is old enough for us to leave him we can take one hahahaha! ;)


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