Thursday, April 12, 2012

picture overload.

to start of this picture overload, let me just show you my all time favorite picture of this little guy.
it's of our nephew, rowen. if you don't know rowen, sucks for you. cause he is the most awesome little toddler you could ever meet.
[i'm not just saying that because i'm his auntie. it's the truth!]
anyways! you can clearly see how much he loves easter..

please excuse the graininess of this one. i had to snap it fast before C changed his mind on taking a photo with butterfly glasses on. :) 
we are so weird and i love it.

playing some cornhole on easter in grandpa's backyard.

got this recipe off pinterest and it was originally linked to this blog post. 
i really like how these breakfast muffins turned out, but i seem to be the only one eating them. i do think they need a little more oomph. i'm thinking next time i'll substitute the banana for some pumpkin and add cinnamon. mmm. :)

the saturday before easter, we set up a bbq with some friends on the san onofre beach on camp pendleton. it was PERFECT weather, with not much of a crowd. 
good times, good friends and good food. 
aaaand these were the only pictures i snapped. 
good goin' sam. 

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