Monday, April 2, 2012

birthday boy!

today is charlie's birthday!
[and he had to work. booooo.]
but after work called for celebration! yay!

he smiled at our decked out room in honor of his day. [his crazy wife of his loves birthdays and is a firm believer of if there's no balloons- it's not a birthday!]
he opened his present.
he hugged and kissed me. [hehe. :)]
we had sushi.
we flirted.
we snapped some pictures.
we ate homemade chocolate cherry birthday cake with ice cream.
and we cuddled while watching "i love you, man." [his favorite movie.]
perfect birthday night with the love of my life.

i hope he had a great birthday! because he's someone who truly deserves it.
love him.

C's birthday sack lunch. complete with a birthday note, of course. :)

[please excuse our over sized and modge podged decor in our "studio apartment" in my parent's home. moving day is approaching! wahoo!]

i told you- i'm birthday crazy.. :)

take a look at the cute card my parents got charlie. i love it! and it's so true. especially the floating hearts above my head. ;)
i think the little characters are squirrels but C thinks they're bears. what do you think they are??

his gift from me. :) a spiffy fossil watch! he makes anything look good. 

isn't he the cutest?! i think so.

look at how freakishly excited i get when someone makes a birthday wish. i'm such a bday weirdo! 

until next year. happy birthday, babe!
love you forever and ever.


  1. SOOO cute. Did you get a hair cut? Love your hair. I think the card is a bear. They don't have tails. Sorry. Happy Birthday Charlie! We are so glad you are home safe. Thanks for serving and keeping us safe!

  2. Owls? No, I would have to say bears too, but only after I realized that they don't have tails.

  3. ugh, that's charlie's argument, too. that they don't have tails. maybe the tails are just hiding!
    megan- no i did not cut my hair. it's just in a low updo. :) it's actually getting quite long that goodness!


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