Saturday, March 3, 2012

tech savvy.

look at me bein' all techy this past week.

-fixed the comment count for each post and now we can all see how many there are! [thanks to my mother in law for helping me with that one!]
-made this blog nice and clean. [been wanting to do that for a while, just now have gotten to it.]
-no more cutest blog on the block background codes for me! no sir ree. [now i'm a poet, too?!]
-i made cute little buttons for our blog for our followers to put on theirs!

here's a deal fellow blog lovers, put our button on your blog and i'll put your button on ours! everyone wins! [just be sure to let me know when you do, so i can hold up my end of the bargain!]
grab which ever button of mine strikes your fancy on the mid right hand side. see?
the pictures look like this...

in case you're a newbie at this whole button thing, all you do is copy and paste the html code underneath the button you choose on the mid right hand side. go to "design" then "add a gadget" then choose "HTML/javascript" then copy my code onto the main body of the html/javascript and voilĂ„! you've got yourself a 'sam & charlie' button. 
yay. :)


  1. i love the new design! totally grabbing your cute new button!

  2. Love the design! I posted your lovely button.


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