Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what i wore wednesdays.

feeling a little nautical today. :) 
maybe i'm already getting antsy for our [late] honeymoon cruise in 124 days?!
not maybe antsy. definitely antsy.

striped sweater & skinny jeans: New York & Co.
red shirt & red top sider shoes: target.


  1. YIPPY!!! You are doing it ;) Love it!!

  2. You always have the cutest outfits! I'm happy to see you are posting where you get things so I can copy :) Kidding! But thanks!

  3. Ditto to Stephanie! Hey Stephanie where is your blog? ;)

  4. oh you two knock it off- you both dress adorably, too! but, thank you :) and go ahead! copy away!...just be sure that we don't run into each other wearing the same outfit. *wink* juuuust kiddin.

  5. You are going on a cruise!!?? Super jealous! :) And way cute outfit!

  6. haha see what you miss, annie, when you're not on facebook and rarely go on blogger?!


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