Saturday, January 7, 2012

highlights of the week.

a few things that made me smile this past week..

my brand new orange leather fossil wallet! 
i've been wanting a new wallet since forever [oookay. only like 4 years], and i finally went to the carlsbad outlets to their fossil outlet store and snatched up this pretty little thing AND a satchel purse for [get this..] 75% OFF! hooooly guacamole. i love sporting a fabulous leather purse that was originally onehundredandtoomuch for a mere $39. :)

i'm a sucker for anything loveydovey.
and this old music title sheet caught my eye right away.

have a little faith. :)
this quote gives me chills. 

flowers from the hubs.
these are deployment flowers #10.
isn't he the sweetest?!
i'll keep him. :)

home done pedicures, late night chats and errand runs to target with one of my greatest friends, kiersten. i'm so thankful for her, her example and our friendship. she is seriously the best! [no pictures of our fun times this week though. boo.]

now time for me to cuddle up to my pillow that's sprayed with charlie's cologne and catch up on some dvr'd [correct punctuation? nope. sorry grammar gods!] episodes of good 'ol friends. [seeing every episode at least 10 times already is obviously not enough.]

have a fantastic weekend.

1 comment:

  1. my absolute favorite favorite outlet is carlsbad!! gotta love the deals and how sweet is your hubby. im sure those flowers have brought you so much joy!


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