Friday, November 4, 2011

thankful post #4

november 4th, i am thankful for:


there's nothin' like it. i am always in such a good mood when it rains. 
i love what good it does to the earth.
i love the smell.
i love the crisp air.
i love how it cleans and makes everything so fresh.
i just love rain.

good thing we're movin' to oregon next year, eh? :)


  1. Just keep that in mind after you spend a whole winter here. :) It bugs me when all of my neighbors from California complain about the rain. Did they think it's green here because it's always warm and sunny?

  2. oh, bethany. it's a "california thing" to complain about rain. EV-ERY-ONE complains when it barely sprinkles. it's annoying. haha


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