Thursday, November 24, 2011

thankful post #24

november 24th, i'm thankful for..


growing up, i honestly didn't like thanksgiving too much. it was always SO mind numbingly boring at my evil grandma's house. 
she had NOTHING fun to do over there except for lay on my tummy and spin on her bar stools. [and no, i'm not joking. that was my "fun" at every visit to grandma's house.
so, every year i did NOT look forward to thanksgiving. 
"plus, shouldn't you be thankful everyday??" was my thought every thanksgiving.

but now as i'm getting older, i'm finally starting to like it more. [partly due that i never have to spend it at evil grandma's house ever again!]
a few years ago i realized that yes, people are thankful everyday and not just this one day a year, but it's a time for family and friends to get together and eat yummy food. and what's not to love about that?!
i'm excited that charlie and i get to start our own holiday traditions. i have so many ideas spinning in my head and i CAN'T WAIT to start them come next year.
this thanksgiving, i will be a little sad that my other half [who i'm SO grateful on that coming soon] won't be able to be here with me this holiday season. it makes me tear up knowing he's not going to be able to enjoy this day like he would if he wasn't out fighting for our country. 
[what gets me though that thought today is that this is the last holiday season we ever have to spend apart!]

i have countless blessings that i'm thankful for today. my heart is so full.

p.s. HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY to my big brother, clayton! i love you, brother! xoxo

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