Sunday, November 13, 2011

thankful post #13

november 13th, i'm thankful for..


i LOVE sundays. it's the one day of the week where i can just sit and do *nothing* [except church, of course :) which i'm also extremely grateful for...more on that on a different day!
i can finally breath knowing that i don't NEED to be anywhere or NEED to get a certain errand done! and i can just SLEEP for the heck of it because i have time!
 [whaaa?...i have free time?!
lazy sundays are where it's AT, people. embrace it.
i wish more people understood what sundays are meant for. it's a day of rest. and we all gotta admit...everyone needs a day where they can just focus on them and their family and not be stressed during the 15 hours we're awake.

so today after i got home from church, i spruced up our little home, ate a snack and after i post this, i'm taking a NAP :) don't mind if i do! 

i'm thankful for sundays. aren't you?!

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