Friday, March 4, 2011

cowgirl 'up!

i want..wait scratch that. i NEED these.
i'm drooling.
and my feet are begging me to be wearing these.
thank goodness i landed that new job and can save up!
unless! my wonderful, generous and loving husband gets them for me before i do...hint-hint wink-wink!

i set this picture as our desktop background...i think he'll get the hint soon enough. if not, it'll call for drastic measures.


  1. You had a pair of white cowboy boots when you were little. You loved them then too. Hope you get them soon.

  2. i remember those! do we still have those somewhere, mom? i want my old little brown ones we found in dad's closet :)

  3. Charlie had a pair of cowboy boots that he loved too. I think we got them for him in Cheyenne, Wyoming, on a visit before a big rodeo. He had a vest and rifle too. Have you seen the photos of him in that getup? So cute you could've 'et 'im!

  4. oh my gosh, sue! i NEED to see those pictures! also, do you have all that outfit still?! if so, i'll gladly take it so you can make more room for food storage... ;)

  5. I'll see if I can find a pic. We may have part of the outfit. BTW, if you have cowboy boots like those you have to dance in them. It's required. Also, you can't be an Osborne unless you dance. So better figure that one out!

  6. too late, already an osborne! haha i USED to dance in high school, but not anymore. i wouldn't mind taking swing dance lessons or line dance lessons, though.


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