Monday, November 15, 2010


since we have awesome property managers, they let us paint before we moved in!
such a relief, now we don't have to jam pack it into our already busy schedules in the next upcoming months.
so, on friday morning we went down to our place & bought some dunn edwards paint[AMAZING paint, btw. we only had to do one coat, it went on like butter. totally worth the money]
we chose to paint the green wall that was there in the family room an almost gray-blue. the color we got was called "glen falls"
then for the orange wall that was in our bedroom we decided on the tan that was in the rest of the place, this tan was called "stonish beige".
and finally, in our guest bedroom that was originally a pale yellow, we did two walls blue and two walls tan.
[mind you, we did all this in about 4 and a half hours. we're good at teamwork :)]

here are some before and after pictures.
don't worry, after we're done decorating, i'll post those too. those are the real "after" pictures.

the family room

another view of the family room

the orange wall in our room

the guest bedroom

another view of the guest bedroom

our family room

our room 
(parts of the wall still had wet paint where it looks lighter)

the guest room

charlie being...charlie :)

and i'll leave this post with a picture that i love..

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