Sunday, October 24, 2010

change IS good

there's one thing i'm looking forward to come january 1, 2011 (besides marrying the love of my life, gaining a bunch of awesome new family members, becoming an "auntie" to 7 little munchkins, getting to be a wife to THE MOST amazing man..all that good stuff) 
and that is changing my awful last name. (granted, it's not that bad..i've heard worse. i've just never liked it.)
goodbye BURNS 
hellooooo OSBORNE
i'm thanking my lucky stars charlie's last name isn't one that i despise.

here's a fun fact i found from my trusty friend, google.
i will become (roughly) the 54, 849th Osborne in america.
instead of being one of the 142, 392 with the last name Burns. 
umm...since when do that many people have the last name burns??

Samantha Osborne..
ahh, sounds so much better! don't you think?

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