Wednesday, September 25, 2013

M.I.A. y'all

oh hey there! not sure if you remember me since i've rarely posted anything recently! 

we've made the cross country trek to texas and we're still getting settled and everything situated, and of course any and all extra time is being soaked up by londeloo :) which explains why there haven't been any posts recently. 

so sit tight! i'll be back in no time! 


p.s. follow me on instagram in the mean time :) username: samantha_osborne

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

F O U R months!

hard to believe our little babe is four months old already!
my mom always says that four months is her favorite age for a baby and now i know why! london is SO FUN, and hilarious. laughs at everything. has such a little personality. and DOESN'T CRAWL yet haha it's the best of both worlds!

london at four months:
-is very ticklish. especially right below her collarbones, the bottom of her rib cage and her thighs. oh, that giggle of hers is like a drug. i couldn't listen to her laughing away for hours!
-rolls over like a champ!
-finally gave in to the swaddle. she fought me on that thing for months. but now she sleeps so much better with it!
-rarely ever cries in her car seat anymore! it's a MIRACLE i tell ya! she loves looking outside the windows, especially if they're rolled down. and now she has the motor skills to play and suck on toys while we're driving too, which totally helps.
-weights maybe 11 pounds.
-small shoes FINALLY fit her dinky little feet!
-still wears some newborn size clothing haha but also wears 3 month size. such a bite size little babe. :) strangers think she's a 2 month old haha
-is starting to teethe, it especially bothers her at night when she's sleepy. poor thing. nothing a little baby aspirin can't cure!
-is starting to grab at whatever we're eating.
-loves tv. oops. we limit it but, man. she will inch and scoot and crane her little neck to see what we're watching haha she definitely gets her love of tv from her mama. :D
-doesn't look like mommy anymore. she is the girl version of charlie and it's adorable.
-is starting to get attached to her little white noise maker which also happens to be a stuffed giraffe that we named raffie. she grabs for it and cries if we don't give it to her. she takes all her naps and sleeps with him at night. it's so cute.
-gives kisses like there's no tomorrow! and when we ask for a kiss, she will always give us one! such a little lover.
-when she wants mama, she'll get this worried look on her face and hold her arms out! it melts me. i LOVE that she loves me :) but when daddy is home, forget mama the girl wants daddy! haha

*someone was getting verrrrrry sleepy during picture time, which is why there aren't many this month. which also explains why she's not beaming with smiles like she usually is.

happy 4 months, baby girl! you're the best thing. ever.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

THREE months old!

this post is a tad late since we've been little travelers and have been in california and texas the past two weeks. londeloo did SO great on all the plane rides! i'm a lucky mama.

london is THREE MONTHS OLD now! how. how in the world is that already possible?!

she is hands down the funnest little human ever! [in our totally unbiased opinion ;)] she constantly has both me and charlie laughing.

at three months, london is:
-babbling up a storm! this past week especially. it's adorable. i love our little "conversations" we have. :)
-blows spit bubbles like it's going out of style.
-clicks her tongue. [only sometimes when she "remembers" how to do it. when she does, she is SO proud of herself!]
-copies whatever facial expressions we make at her
-starting to get afraid of certain noises
-is getting a little better with her carseat
-in the ten pound range. so tiny :)
-is starting to grab things and put it in her mouth, luckily it isn't so advanced yet that she grabs whatever is in our hands. i'm sure that day isn't too far away, though!
-her tummy time skills are great! her pediatrician says she'll be crawling at 5 months. noooooo!!
-loves the bumbo
-her hair is starting to grow in more :)
-she'll smile at anyone who gives her attention. this causes our errands to be longer than anticipated haha
-she can make a taco tongue! it was totally accidental and so cute!

we love our little london babe!

Monday, August 12, 2013

BIG news, because everything is bigger in...


that's right, people! we're making the big move to dallas, texas and we could not be more thrilled!
after MONTHS of thinking and praying real hard for a definite answer, we finally got that answer and even though we're moving soon (27 days!) it really is perfect timing for us. 
although it's sad to move away from charlie's family here in oregon, we know this is what we are supposed to be doing. [so, thank goodness for airplanes, facebook, instagram and blogging!] but we won't be away from all our family, my sister lives in dallas :) so happy to be near my best friend again!

texas, i hope you're ready for us osbornes! let the packing begin!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

picture dump.

well, this post is long overdue as you can tell from all these pictures!

warning: overload.

this is just a little bit of what's been going on with the osbornes plus a newborn through the lens of my iphone these past few weeks. :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

her first white dress.

last sunday, july 14th, london was blessed at church. [to learn more about baby blessings, click HERE :)]

the blessing was preformed by charlie and it was a beautiful, short and simple blessing. i loved every word of it. 

london's dress is the same dress i wore when i was blessed as a baby. it is also the same dress my mother wore when she was baptized in the lutheran church as a baby as well. london's great-great-grandma hand crocheted it over 50 years ago, and the satin lining underneath was from london's great-grandma's wedding dress. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

my roxygirl.

when i was a little girl i begged and cried for a puppy. i longed for a little dog to run around with me. but, my dad was adamant that we didn't have one. i just couldn't understand why?! [it's hard to explain how much of a huge responsibility and how much money a dog costs to a 7 year old.] i even went to the extreme and had a "brilliant" idea that i brought up to my mom...
"MOM! i have an idea! since you and i both want a dog, how about we get a second house that we live in just so we can have a dog? dad, janelle and clay and live in this one, still." haha oh little samantha. you're too funny. it made perfect sense in my 8 year old brain.

one day an old friend of my mom brought over two puppies she found abandoned in a park. one was fluffy and curly, the other had a white stripe down her chest and curly ears.
i fell in love with the second one.
i couldn't stop thinking about her.
i wanted her to be my puppy.
i cried and cried and cried until my dad broke down and said "fine. get the damn dog!"
my mom said "don't worry, samantha, this puppy and dad will end up being best friends, too." [which couldn't be more true.]

the next day when we were going to pick her up my dad said, "how about we name her penny?" obviously, over the night the thought of having a dog in the house wasn't too annoying to him anymore.

we didn't end up naming her penny. instead, we named her Roxy.
my roxygirl. rockycola, ra-co-co, rocco.

when she was home with us for the first time, i fully understood that it was my responsibility to make sure she didn't go potty in the house.
i watched her like a HAWK. didn't take my eyes off of her. by the end of the day i was exhausted and in tears. but, there were no accidents in the house! haha.

a few days after that, i took her for a little walk down the street in front of our house. after our walk, i sat down with her on the curb, and a girl on her bike came and complemented my cute puppy. i took my eyes off of roxy for one second to thank the girl and then she sped off. during these few seconds, roxy swallowed something and began to choke. tears filled my eyes and i ran inside for my mom to save her. i was terrified that my puppy was going to choke to death all because of me! luckily, my mom was able to get out whatever she swallowed and she was just fine. whew!

roxy was with me as i finished elementary school, went into the awkward years of middle school, my fun years of high school & when she was with me when i became a woman and got married. and the last time she saw me, i was pregnant with my first baby. she taught me responsibility, patience, love and happiness.

there's SO many more memories i could write down, but right now it's too hard to think of those times. my heart breaks that i couldn't be down in california as she took her last breath. i wish i could have been there to hold her and tell her how much i love her and that it's okay for her to let go.
she will always have a special place in my heart & i'll always remember my first dog.

i love you Roxygirl. i hope you're having a blast running like wild up in heaven.

May 29, 1998 - July 20, 2013

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